Based on“Canto cósmico (Cosmic Canticle)” of Ernesto Cardenal 

What happens when two opposing worlds met themselves? Where is the balance?

The Half”, based on the book “Canto Cósmico (Cosmical Canticle)", of the Nicaraguan writer and philosopher Ernesto Cardenal, shows us a world in a continuous imbalance where their inhabitants has the responsibility to keep it stable. A big half-sphere in the middle of the public space will become a particular world dwell by two allegorical and opposing beings:

She knows the origin and the answers, flows with the tragedy and the beauty, free and ephemeral, always moving. Her voice calms and caresses, assaults and destabilizes.

He sets lines and paths in the space that guide his way. Doesn’t know his origin and asks questions. Curiosity brings him close to the darkness, but he needs answers.

Two incomplete energies that converge. Is the principle of chaos or the creation of the universe?

The Half” is a visual show where the text will enter by the rational senses of the audience, motivating them to a philosophical journey, so existential and quotidian like love and death. An allegory of the creation of the universe, contrasted with human relations. A spectacular proposal, which will combine a very powerful acting with surprising visual effects.

Model The Half
PremiEre in May 2019

Artistic team

Idea, creation and interpretation

Mónica Mar & Arnau Vinós

Creation and direction

Sigrun Fritsch

Stage and costume designer

Llorenç Corbella

Musical composition

Leonie Fritsch

Sound space

Eslàstica (Joel Condal & Marcel Fabregat)

Stage design construction

Jorba-Miró Estudi-Taller d’escenografia

Thecnical and multimedia solutions

Sergio Sisques

Pirothecnical effects

Klaus Ulrich

Graphical design

Joan Vila-Vinós

Photography and video

Jep Brengaret

Thanks to

Núria Cañamares, Luka Fritsch, Eva Marichalar, Matthias Rettner

With the collaboration:

Company in entrepreneurship residence at the Nau Ivanow

Nau Ivanow