A fake King Gaspar walks around the city. He walks with in a wandering and slow step. We don’t know where he came from, neither who he is, but what we do know is that he doesn’t belong here. And so, we follow him…


King Gaspar –inspired on the character of catalan writer Gabriel Janer Manila– is a mix between itinerant and site-specific show. A multi-disciplinary proposal that turns spectator to voyeur, to accomplice and friend of this strange character. An emotional and intimate journey.


King Gaspar is a site-specific performance that zooms from the public to the private. The public will follow an anonymous person, first from afar, outside a shopping center, and gradually get closer, first in a public-private place, a bar, and then in the most intimate of places, inside his head.

Two actors embody the main characters: King Gaspar and the woman who will lead the audience along the way. The other characters that complete the story are local volunteers. We will work with them through a three-day workshop to create a link that will allow for total integration with its surroundings.

To sketch the character’s setting that moves from the realism of the streets to the surrealism of his thoughts, we’ll count on multimedia resources. Moving images that appear as flashes in space where we perceive our memories and ambient sound that immerses the audience onto the surroundings that the character inhabits.


Creation, management and performance

Mónica Mar & Arnau Vinós



Jep Brengaret


Scenic space

Jordi Queralt & Toni Corbella


Sound stage

JM Baldomá


Multimedia Tec

Sergio Sisques



Teresa Rosinés