Construction workshop

Construction workshop

When you have been thinking, drawing, designing, arguing, sketching, deleting, agreeing, renouncing, writing, not sleeping, a new project, there is a very dangerous phase: the expectation.

Yesterday we were scared. It was the day when we materialized an important part of what we had imagined for almost a year (the first project meeting, in Freiburg, was in December 2017!). Yesterday we visit for the first time the scenographer’s workshop.

The set design has been designed by Llorenç Corbella. A device that he created after attending one of every three rehearsals in August, of meetings and more meetings, and of being able to materialize in a beautiful physical object all that we had disordered in the head of Sigrun, Moni and me. In fact, it is not a set design: in the case of “The Half” it is a performer.

When Llorenç gave us the model of what the piece could be, we fell in love. We based the August essays by imagining the object, simulating how it would move and how it would react, and rudimentarily marking the ideal dimensions on the ground. After August we could no longer give up the idea, so we had to find a brave builder who was able to materialize it.

Presentation of the model (no beer brand is sponsoring us … although we are open …)

Llorenç immediately knew it: if there was someone in this country who was daring (and with guarantees) to build this madness, this was Joan Jorba, from Taller d’escenografia Jorba-Miró. After meeting him, he told us that, because of the structure, there was only one builder in the country who could do it: Barto from Taller Pascualín.

And from there, Moni, Sigrun and I leave in the hands of Llorenç the conversations and the construction evolution. From time to time we received some sketch, some unintelligible photograph… Until yesterday.

During the trip from Barcelona to Gurb, while the sun goes down, you approach the snowy Pyrenean mountains, and you have to go up the heating degrees of the van, we were talking with Moni about expectation. And I told her: “What can happen today is that either the piece disappoints us a lot, or that it amazes us, there will be no middle ground. And from my experience with other productions, I am prepared to be very disappointed”.

Joan Jorba was already waiting for us in the workshop. Llorenç had not yet arrived and he did not want to let us pass until he had arrived. Time to order a tea that Llorenç had already arrived. And they guide us, between the darkness, at the end of the workshop.

L'estructura de The Half
Like that it welcomes us

And there he was waiting for us. Undoubtedly it was her. Inclined, as welcoming us. Majestic, with the staircase that went up to the sky. Around him, Barto himself, and three other people on the team (in addition to Joan and Llorenç). It was the first time they had mount it, and the truth is that we were all fascinated.

Fear reappeared. No longer because of the unfulfilled expectation (our expectations were overcome by much), but to think about the great project that we had in our hands. Then appeared the most pragmatic-producer face: how will we transport it, where will we put it, how are we going to pay it, how many gigs will we do … Right away Moni’s eyes made me go back to the clouds: she already saw herself upping the stairs, walking around the platform, and exploring all the possibilities. And to me, enthusiasm hits me very fast.

It still has a few days left to start working. A weld point here, and a small modification there. On Tuesday, we took it to Juneda, the destination of our second artistical residence: we have two weeks to meet us with the third performer. To understand how it moves, what is its limit, and ours. Two weeks of falling, of bruises, of getting tired. But above all to go forward, slowly but firmly, in this new project that, day by day, is coming to light.

When leaving the workshop, and turning off the lights, I had the feeling that we were leaving the baby in the incubator.